Artist: Rudy Adrian
Album: Starfields

Label: Groove

Starfields Rudy Adrian
Anyone with insight into Rudy Adrian's music understands that his electronic realizations are aural evocations of the natural world by which he is so inspired. The wonderful Adrian musical qualities often conjure up mental images of mighty rivers, moonlit landscapes and towering mountain peaks. But the more analytical among us find that the significance of Adrian's music is in the line he traces between the Berlin-School of Cosmic Music and the reassuring tone of the New Age.

Adrian's album releases represent two areas of endeavor, the introspective and unfocused "Amospheric Works" which are contrasted by a more rhythmic and melodic series of "Sequencer Sketches". On Starfields (Sequencer Sketches vol. 3), Adrian further commands form and articulation with five fullly energized "sketches". On this volume, Adrian is concerned with the force and propulsion of the interlocked, multi-layered, ever-evolving cyclical rhythm patterns associated with this well-established style. The shape of each piece offers a slightly different arc upon which the listener travels as Adrian organizes each piece individually in an imaginative and engaging manner. With its beating synth pulses below ribbons of soaring melodies, Starfields gains a certain level of distinction as it nears the edge of the genre - the aural activity heated by heart-felt lead melodies and softened occasionaly by a passing cloud of chords. Adrian's spacemusic comes from a different age, a newer age. In Adrian's music we can detect the origins out of which it has risen and a sense of both moment and motion; that everything is connected - coming from and heading to... someplace. And we the listeners, along with Adrian, trace the line between.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 August 2002

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