Artist: Al Gromer Khan
Album: Sufi

Label: New Earth

Al Gromer Khan describes what he does as "paisley music - traditional Indian melodies intertwined with ambient keyboards". To anyone familiar with the vocabulary of spacemusic, however foreign or based in ethnic doctrine, Khan's music needs no translation. With Sufi, Khan continues to delve further into sonic atmospheres called forth out of electronic textures. Tweaked percussion samples carry the listener through the linear path of time, airy harmonies delicately shift the perspective of the pieces which are brought into soft focus by the pluck of Khan's elegant sitar melodies. A mesmerizing combination of technology and tradition, aether and earth, sensuality and reason, Sufi, with its incense like dynamics, lingers on well after the ember's glow has cooled.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   1 March 2001