Artist: Ron Berry
Album: Temples by Ron Berry

Released: 2005
Label: n/a

Throughout his involvement in electronic sound, Ron Berry has realized an interesting array of work. From deeply shadowed dreamscapes to intricate and thoughtful contemporary instrumentals, Berry's albums have always spoke in the terms of spacemusic - though with a distinctive accent. His 2005 release Temples (73'08") comes on the tail of Berry having re-issued his 20 years of work on CD and coincidentally rediscovering himself in the process. The album is a fascinating union of imagination, music and technology concocted out of the raw sonic material found in his virtual world of sound. The opening track "Forgotten Temples" (10'37") sets an ominous mood. An electronic bell tolls, wispy synthesizer pads breath and an intriguing journey along staggered rhythms and discreet melodies begins. From this base, the music advances as in an orderly march with conventional leads and chords, but just as easily does the playlist cleverly sway and tilt in unpredictable directions. The brighter compositions have an unadorned and joyful quality to them while the darker pieces are solemn and mysterious. Berry's personal and somewhat scientific approach to music shapes the unique sound of his work. Well-known in the UK for building his own electronic instrumentation and as an early innovator of acoustic modeling synthesis, Berry's insight onto music looks beyond the manipulation of timbre and peers down to the building blocks of sound.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 March 2006

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