Artist: Mike Griffin + Dave Fulton
Album: The Most Distant Point Known

Label: Hypnos

The Most Distant Point Known
When most modern electronic musicians refer to their synthesizers, we visualize an image of plastic piano keys, a few knobs, buttons and sliders. When Dave Fulton considers his synth, it is not your typical "black box". Fulton works with modular synthesizers, synths whose virtues are: no presets, no memory, no hard wiring and no boundaries in programming flexibility. Part mad scientist, part sonic visionary, Fulton's command of the array of custom designed electronics at his disposal is formidable.

Mike Griffin's orientation to music is more cerebral, building and deconstructing a composition mentally rather than linearly in real time. Griffin's music deals with ambience, nuance and perspective. He is an avid collaborator and has demonstrated his compositional and production skills on several critically acclaimed albums. Griffin's new CD is a convergence with Dave Fulton entitled The Most Distant Point Known.

This release is a wonderful exploration of electronic textures and synthetic atmospheres. The music is smooth and cool and references early spacemusic in its spirit of sonic exploration. Dense layering, detuned drones and timbres that fold back in on themselves give the album a sense of subtle movement. The Most Distant Point Known draws in the listener and stimulates the mind yet the music is transportive, spacey and at times majestic. The ever churning soundmill of Griffin and Fulton is a fascinating integration of technologies and esthetics.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   27 Sept 2000

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