Artist: Travis & Fripp
Album: Thread

Released: 23 September 2008
Label: Discipline Global Mobile/Inner Knot

Thread Fripp & Travis
Robert Fripp's collaboration with Theo Travis has resulted in some very interesting textural music. Their album Thread (64'07") features nine compositions for flute or saxophone, electric guitar and long lines of echo. Combining Travis' flute tones with Fripp's guitar and synth sounds advances this ambient music to a distinctive level. The duo brings out the best in one another and easily transcends the gimmickry of noodling around with a super long digital delay. Travis & Fripp use this device as a compositional tool, creating lovely textures and innovative reiterating phrases, all in the context of a directional, fully realized improvisation. Travis' flute melody plays over top of those previously captured in a loop, creating wonderful layers and harmonies as well as interesting runs in the upper structure. Fripp's guitar playing is just as emotive. Between his clean and processed beautiful guitar tones and the synthesizer he triggers with his instrument, Fripp works with a choice palette of sounds and timbres. Giving rise to feelings of serenity within the listener, this CD is as smart as it is sensitive. Thread is about improvisation and collaboration, but it is also about the intangible plane of entranced time. In performing this music and becoming fully absorbed in it, Travis & Fripp defy the passage of time - but in recording this album, have preserved these moments forever.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 December 2008

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