Artist: Jesper Pedersen
Album: Three by 15

Released: 21 May 2020
Label: self-released

Three by 15 Jesper Pedersen
With Three by 15 (45'00") the Icelandic Electronic Musician Jesper Pedersen takes something silent and formless from his inner world and converts it into a sharable, perceptible sonic language. His electrical emissions, presented, arranged and compared in imaginative ways, are manipulated at the level of timbre - as a sensory invitation to an unknown world. Using a system of tone generating components and modules his work means to bridge the gap between sound science and sound art. Daring in its musical reach Three by 15 achieves a level of engagement that allows us to lose ourselves in something beyond ourselves - and so return from this place feeling energized. From the brute intensity of sustaining drones to light, ethereal melodic progressions, and potent audible symbols, Three by 15 is continually and timelessly expanding and contracting. Between a stimulating range of field recordings we will hear Harp accompaniment, and possibly some clarinet, and all manner of modulated, modified, synthesized notes. What a marvel this album is. Providing three activating aural environments, and all the while under the guidance of a rare musical intent, this release cites beauty as its basic value. Through darkly shaded thought zones, on to inviting and reassuring textures, listening to this music makes use of the mind in a way like no other. You will hear in it things that others will not. Opening up to us in the way only a live performer can, Pedersen's raw honesty is unusually visceral and poetic. However demanding these performances were, each brims with a unique sense of excitement and discovery. Yet, as desirable as this talent is, whatever Pedersen knows cannot be taught.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 May 2020

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