Artist: Ishq
Album: Timelapse in Mercury

Released: 15 July 2008
Label: Virtual World

Timelapse in Mercury
Matt Hillier is one of those brilliant artists whose work is not encountered nearly enough. Throughout his restless search through sound he has adopted such aliases as Elve, Ishvara, Indigo Egg and Ishq among others - the later producing the acclaimed CD Orchid in 2001. The work Timelapse in Mercury (57'28") was begun prior to this, and years later completed and released. On this CD we find an exploratory exuberance expressed in a complex and luxuriant range of synthesized sounds. Arranged not in identifiable rows or columns, or even as a linear experience, Timelapse in Mercury is more a finely tuned collage. Seeming to be in a constant state of gradual expansion, the nine tracks blend and morph beautifully across a subtle interstellar backdrop. Hillier uses a seemingly endless sound palette as the unique timbres he realizes arise, hang in space, brighten then darken then twist into something new. This gives the piece a feeling of weightlessness, but not randomness. Out of this the listener enjoys their own sense of floating - energized by well-placed and shaped electronic tones.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 August 2008

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