Artist: AirSculpture
Album: TranceAtlantic

Released: November 2005
Label: Neu Harmony

TranceAtlantic TranceAtlantic
AirSculpture, the synth trio from the UK, made their east-coast concert debut in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series on 17 April 2004. Recordings of this concert, and that of their STAR'S END live radio concert later that night, were fashioned into the double CD TranceAtlantic and released in Autumn of 2005. Made up of Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski, AirSculpture has been using concert spaces to facilitate electronic experimentation since their first live event in September of 1995. Over the years they have found that the atmosphere of the venue, the attention of the audience and several other immeasurable factors, have a significant affect on the interaction between players and acts as a fuel for their performances. The music on TranceAtlantic is structured somewhat differently than on previous CDs. Dwelling more in the realm of Ambient Music, this release is a journey inward to the dark abstractions of the dreaming mind. With this work, AirSculpture explores the fabric of sound, its range of subtleties and the dramatic possibilities of music organized without a tonal center. A lilting piano improvisation opens each disc but soon the mood spirals downward into a shifting timbral plane. Drones build amongst a narrative of humming synthetic sound and constantly transforming tonal color. Set against these sections is the imaginative and engaging sequencer driven patterns AirSculpture is known for. Even here the group pushes beyond their earlier work and into new and unique depths of throbbing pulse, bouncing echoes and spacey beats. The result is a cool combination of inspired play, chance occurrence and the magnification of minute shadings of sound.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 November 2006

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