Artist: Secondface
Album: Transitions

Released: 10 June 2017
Label: gterma

Transitions Secondface
Secondface, the music project by Frank V Jensen, portrays the excitement of being part of one's own time. The release Transitions (74'30") comes straight from the center of his nervous system. Across 12 solitary journeys for the mind, the person is the target of this work. So many details compete for our attention. In sluggish, swaggering grooves, and the swirling dramatic movement and brilliant color of horespowered beats, this music purrs, then revs - as the RPMs and BPMs whirl under an electric spirit. Noting its twists and turns as it progresses forward and at times changes course, Transitions deploys like a continuous undulating bolt of electricity. While one piece has the listener engaging with gigantic forces, another will leave us haunted and adrift. Accompanied by pulsing patterns, the low-end throbs under shimmering synthesized chords. When the tempo changes, varying energy levels stimulate thought and movement. But when the big beats drop in it seems like the celestial and terrestrial worlds are colliding. Breathy sustaining tones expand and brighten, while rhythms enter, build, drop out, and return - yet ever the more certain. As irresistible as these features are in a thoughtless dancehall, to the thinkers among us they reveal both the sensual reality and psychological intensity to be experienced on this sonic journey. It is thought that there is a normal everyday level, and then there is a quantum level where everything works differently. Listening to a beautiful piece of music is like falling under a spell - like entering a realm where magic may happen. This kind of music started out as modern but is now thought of as contemporary. Upon listening to Transitions we find that Jensen is awake to the outside world, and that his music consorts with it in a way that adds something to our concept of it.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 October 2017

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