Artist: Secede
Album: Tryshasla

Released: 6 June 2005
Label: Sending Orbs

It is said that music has the ability to transport the listener. With Tryshasla (56'04") by Secede where one wanders will be different for each individual. This beautiful album possesses a pleasant dream-like quality and, once played through, leaves a significant sonic impression - and a desire to revisit this idyllic musical voyage. Secede's glowing soundscapes are a fascinating arrangement of nature recordings, synthesizer pads, distant voices, unique samples and detailed electronic sounds; all moving and shifting in a deceptively random design. Musicianship plays an important role in these compositions as even with so much going on within each realization the soundfield remains clear, uncluttered and distinctly animated. Occasionally rising out of the churning ambient spaces are gentle, electronica inspired songs. Providing a focused energy in the midst of a more fluid sonic landscape, the irresistible rhythms, rounded melodies and beckoning harmonies of these sections are lively and infectious. Tryshasla may put you, however critically, to sleep; which is perhaps the most fitting way to experience this work. Were music able to reflect the surreal nature of the slumbering mind, then this is a major example.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 June 2006

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