Artist: Aairria
Album: Urbanisation

Released: 20 June 2010
Label: Generator

Urbanisation (51'10") begins with an ever growing cloud of dull white noise. This seems simple enough but somehow Aairria (Marcin Drabot), using just this basic sound, manages to move the listener fully into another space. As other more distinctive elements are introduced the listener can almost feel the fog, dim and damp of this vivid elsewhere. We feel somewhere within a populated area but not connected to it in the least. With its crackling voice clips and cityscape field recordings mingling with breathing synthesized tones and slowly swishing modulations Urbanisation conjures a detailed sound portrait of a nighttime city. Moving between moods and zones of somber isolation and gritty ambience to enlivening grooves and gentle beats Aairria guides us through one fascinating scene to another - the digital glow fading into an inky ambient night, then on up to the pulsing and pumping run of thumping bass and popping sequencer patterns. The kinetic sections focus less on invigorating the body than on quieting the mind. On Urbanisation Aairria casts such a strong spell that it may seem as if the world outside has ceased to exist.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   18 November 2010

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