Artist: David Parsons
Album: Vajra

Released: November 2004
Label: Groove

Vajra David
The music of David Parsons is best experienced with eyes closed. In this manner, the transportive qualities of his work can be fully felt. His album Vajra (63'04") presents six pieces meant to be set against our own mental imagery. Here, Parsons works in either of two modes; one evokes inner stillness and peace, the other, a physical energy as that of a ritual dance. The quiet pieces combine solemn timbres and electronic tones with field recordings and acoustic instruments to the point where it is impossible to distinguish one from another. Classic synthesizer sounds are layered among eastern influenced drones, pads and accents. In a swirling mist of ever-changing tonality, Parsons moves us through areas of darkness and light. As detailed as these soundworlds are, their purpose lies beyond the examination of Parsons' studio craft and his subtle manipulation of the sound field. They aspire to lead the listener to a place of isolation and mystery. His work on this album is meant to evoke a separation, as that felt when high above the cloudbase. The rhythmic pieces on Vajra are true works of pan-global fusion. Advancing past the instrumental filler of TV's more common, glossy "travelogue" soundtracks, Parsons creates intriguing and energetic songs which intermingle authentic instruments and indigenous samples with offbeat electronic percussion hooks and propelling sequencer patterns. His music is from the middle of nowhere, which turns out to be the center of everything. Through his works, Parsons hopes somehow to support us on our spiritual path.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 December 2004

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