Artist: Benge
Album: The View From Vega

Released: 17 November 2023
Label: DiN

The View From Vega Ben Edwards
On his trek into the realm of intrepid listening Benge (the noted Electronic Musician Ben Edwards) picks up the torch lit in the 1970s by the Berlin-School to show us The View From Vega (37'54") - his six track release which skillfully explores the verities of Spacemusic. Rambling on a moonlight moon-ray this album spins with a charge derived from the emphatic horizon it is continually hurtling toward. Gliding from point to point, attracted by some irresistible light across space and time, Edwards traverses an ethereal realm - while we enter into the mysterious recesses of a vivid, restless imagination. With the lower half of The View From Vega supported by the motor motion of cycling sequencer settings, the upper regions surge with an atmosphere of discovery. When grand piano notes reverberate over a foundation of flowing aural currents, new structures emerge then merge within whirling eddies of cosmic ether. Softening his overt Krautrock influences Edwards holds forth with mellow synthesizer ceremonies of turning textures and cerebral sounds. In a confluence of several streams of creative thought the mood and energy wanders up, down, over, under and through the spacious mind of its audience. From electrifying and urgent to harmonious and shapely shades of swirling possibility, The View From Vega provides a space for us to feel something fresh, something novel, something sonic and exciting. Every endeavor by this artist rewards the closest attention.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 November 2023

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