Artist: Zanov
Album: Virtual Future

Released: 1 October 2014
Label: self-released

Virtual Future Zanov
After a decades long hiatus Zanov (Pierre Salkazanov) returns with Virtual Future (43'26"). The long-awaited follow up to his three lost LPs of classic EM, Virtual Future offers seven unusually imaginative explorations of distinctive soundworlds. In a robust deployment of synthesizers Virtual Future derives its musical interest from melody, rhythm and harmony, as equally as it does from tone color, texture, dynamics and density. Combining synthesized constructs with pure musical expression Zanov can realize a large cosmic theme in a matter of several moments. Modulated twinkling effects ascend above buzzing beds of electronic tones. Thick chords hold as the machinery of sequencer lines power up the pulse of each piece. Sliding notes settle into resonant lead lines, unwinding in a spaced-out message for tomorrow. Virtual Future is not a mere sketch of what is to come, but rather an evocation of what powerful forces wait beyond the horizon. An eminent synthesist from an era recently departed, the listener need not have heard Zanov's previous work to be drawn into his current space. Can actions in the present affect people of the past? Possibly, as the solid values found on Virtual Future seem to have made again recognizable the innovative work of one of France's most skilled Electronic Musicians.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 March 2015

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