Artist: Colourform
Album: Visions of Surya

Released: 5 May 2008
Label: Virtual World

Visions of Surya
Jake Stephenson and Matt Hillier have transformed their myriad influences into the CD Visions of Surya (65'58"). A music collage imposing perfect order over large areas, this intricately designed and exactingly controlled soundscape expands in quiet power. At the energetic end of Stephenson's and Hillier's swirling inventiveness, sultry beats are very calming, very bewitching. They also explore new territory through glittery effects, modulated tones, breathy pads and electronic drones - arranged so as to conjure up compelling atmospheres and somber moods. As well there exist dark textures and negative space on this recording. These areas leave the listener searching for a tonal center. This duo is not afraid of complexity and includes enough twists and turns to make their music original. In spite of an impressive intellectual structure, Visions of Surya produces a number of expressive shades for a unique and warming experience.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 August 2008

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