Artist: Baird Hersey
Album: Waking The Cobra

Label: Hersey Music

Waking The Cobra Baird Hersey
The simplest and most basic of instruments is the human voice which is why spacemusic utilizing this most familiar of humankind's timbres is so compelling. On Waking The Cobra, Baird Hersey produces deep and calming meditations with only Tibetan cymbals, reverberation and his voice. This CD has become very popular with those engaged in the practice of yoga and with good reason as it offers the listener a serious, almost ceremonial sonic environment.

Hersey emits what is referred to as the "Higher Voice", an enigmatic overtone produced when the mouth and throat are shaped into a resonating chamber for the harmonics of the normal voice. A few of the tracks are brief chants but the extended piece "The Conch Shell, the Wheel and the Sword" is an ever evolving soundscape which will aid in sustained periods of contemplation. It is easy to imagine a group of people sharing this music as their thoughts turn ever inward. With Waking The Cobra, Hersey offers us more than vocalization technique. His music is a shared search, fusing breath, listening, space and sound.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 January 2001