Artist: Ashera
Album: We Gaia

Label: n/l

We Gaia Ashera
It was once said that ambient music should be, "as ignorable as it is interesting". With this in mind, Anthony Wright sets out to realize his wonderful recordings under the name Ashera. With his album, We Gaia, he offers 11 tracks of drifting sonorous sound-forms that provide as much for the prone dreamer as for the critical analyst. According to Wright, "the intent behind the music of Ashera is that of peace, introspection, visual exploration, healing and hopefully some poetic inspiration." Intentionally ambiguous, Wright muses that We Gaia might, "Let the listener create their own dream with the 'tools' and 'suggestions' given." Warm synth pads, breathy voices and reverberant piano call to mind luminous nights and the pace of nature. The album imagines a safe place with many of the details left in shadow and sustains the same contemplative mood throughout its run. We Gaia saturates the listening space with sonic perfume and fills the spirit with serenity through its gentle timbres, harmonic complexity and intuitive pacing.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 April 2002

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