Artist: Jeff Greinke
Album: Wide View

Label: Hypnos

Wide View Jeff Greinke
Jeff Greinke usually focuses his creative lens on concepts external to the self and the art of capturing a moment in time. Yet, on Wide View, Greinke turns this spatial element inward to produce nine probing and intimate musical explorations as well as a narrative trajectory that leads the listener through a range of themes in tonality, coloristic range and contrast. The compositions seem basic: slow, open melodies over a shifting foundation of swelling harmonies. But Wide View is more than system driven modernism, ruled by its compositional method; it is introspective, personal and deliberately widely spaced. Its mood ranges from noirish and nocturnal to idyllic and beautiful. The searching, tenderly spare, melodies suggest that Greinke is seeking something more than the conquest of form and articulation. With Wide View, we see Greinke attempting to unify the artist's identity, the labyrinth of the human condition and the deep contents of sound. The definition of each note, the emphasis on peripheral details, the inflections of his slow melodious strains, proves this to be Greinke's most inviting work.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   3 Dec 2002

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