Artist: Radio Massacre International
Album: Zabriskie Point

Label: Centaur Discs Ltd

Zabriskie Point RMI
While Radio Massacre International did not invent the vocabulary of spacemusic, they certainly do know how to use it. On their album Zabriskie Point, RMI offers us a window into one of music's most intimate experiences, the free-form jam. A notation for this style of music does not exist. The musicians must have the ability to "feel" their way through. It is through these kinds of sessions that musicians bond and demonstrate an almost telepathic connection with their collaborators.

Without any rhythm, harmony or melody to speak of, the listener becomes absorbed and lost in RMI's referenceless sonic spell. Dark analogue synth tones colour the mood, carefully played electric piano notes speak of place and the ever present processed guitar, wailing, churning, moaning and breathing its accents and leads stretches the elasticity of the session. As with the basic nature of electronic music, Zabriskie Point too uses only timbre to bring the listener into their fragile aural space.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 February 2001