Profile: Charles Cohen
Charles CohenBuchla Music EaselBased in the Philadelphia area, Charles Cohen has been amazing and challanging audiences for over 30 years. His music is entirely improvisational and produced solely on a vintage Buchla Music Easel synthesizer. An avid collaborator, Cohen is most well known to STAR'S END listeners from his work with Jeff Cain in their group The Ghostwriters.
Charles Cohen With few recorded/commercially available works to his credit, Cohen prefers to concentrate on creating Electronic Music in the setting of the live performance space. His music ranges from completely abstract and challanging to pleasantly rhythmic and infectious. Each performance is original and new, to the audience and to Cohen as well. Charles Cohen

Saul Stokes, Mike Hopkins, Charles Cohen Saul Stokes, Mike Hopkins, Charles Cohen
Among his many credits as live performer, Charles Cohen performed at the Gatherings in Philadelphia on 12 December 1999. Following the concert, Cohen, joined by Saul Stokes and Mike Hopkins, played live on the 12.13.99 broadcast of STAR'S END. Saul Stokes, Mike Hopkins, Charles Cohen

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