Artist: Human Error
Album: Tajemnice Ludzkiej Dloni

Released: 2004
Label: Requiem Records

Tajemnice Ludzkiej Dloni
Human Error is the moniker of Poland's Rafal Kuczynski. Expressing himself both through the obvious and the subtle, warm synth washes and piano leads greet the listener while samples and other instrumentation play at the edge of perceptibility. Rhythmic passages counter the otherwise gentle pace of the album while organic textures lend gorgeous character to the affair. The album's tracks oscillate between wistful melody and foreboding presence. Kuczynski provides an interesting take on the genre, synthesizing a hybrid from dark ambient, dub, ethnic, and abstract. Headphones are recommended to fully appreciate the solitary journey undertaken. While each track is a separate thought, a vignette of the artist's state of mind, the album does not fragment in continuity. Indeed, Tajemnice Ludzkiej Dloni plays like a soundtrack to a movie which you have yet to see.

- Chuck Nixon   3 May 2007

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