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Kit Watkins

Kit Watkins seen with his
Electronic Wind Instrument

Kit Watkins is known largely for his keyboard virtuosity with Camel and Happy The Man, groups that helped to define the progressive rock genre. Moving beyond the structured terrain of of these bands, Watkins has explored a wide range of themes and styles, from abstract drones to interpretations of classical standards. After a break from composing and performing, he now looks back on a prolific musical career. The introspective ambient soundscapes of his Thought Tones series realized contemplative music from various forms of feedback. On Circle, Watkins combined synthesizer textures with pristine environmental recordings. A Different View demonstrated Watkins's ability to interpret the classics electronically. And on Azure, progressive traditions met new age aesthetics. Drawing on so many influences, Watkins has been difficult to label. With each project, Watkins expands into new genres and adds diversity and character to his biography.


After a few years off from releasing music and 20 years away from the live medium, Kit Watkins was lured away from his quiet home in Virginia to perform at the Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia. The concert unfolded in two lengthy sets of music under the theme "Night Music" and ranged from the deep drift stylings of his new CD, Rolling Curve to the progressive electronica of last year's The Unseen. "I like the ability to mold sound", says Watkins, "and I can do that very nicely with synthesizers and samplers. I actually prefer acoustic instruments, and usually try to use the electronic instruments in ways that are more organic sounding".Rolling Curve

Rolling Curve

Following his 10 March 2001 concert at The Gatherings, Kit Watkins performed a live in-studio concert on the 03.11.01 broadcast of STAR'S END. Kit took a minimal setup to the radio station and played an hour-long ambient improvisation. The piece was entitled "Music for The End" and incorporated environmental field recordings, synth pads and an electronic wind controller all into a gentle drifting wash. Thanks to everyone who tuned in.

In mid-2001, a CD of the 11 March 2001 Kit Watkins concert live on STAR'S END was released. The CD is named Music For The End (of stars) and is an album release of the entire performance. Click on the cover for details on how to purchase this recording direct from the artist (off-site).

Kit Watkins in the studio

Music For The End

Kit Watkins
Kit Watkins live on STAR'S END 11 March 2001

Kit WatkinsInterviewed on 4 February 2001 by STAR'S END host Chuck van Zyl, Kit Watkins spoke of his music, technology and the 10 March 2001 Gathering concert in Philadelphia, which was his return to the live performance environment after a nearly 20 year absence. Listen to the 11 minute interview by clicking the link below:

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