Profile: Markus Reuter
Markus Reuter Markus Reuter has become known for the brainy, brooding and atmospheric ambient music he creates using a touch guitar; a metal stringed guitar-like instrument designed for two-handed playing and extended sound generation. His musicianship moves beyond the virtuosic with the addition of several layers of echo, reverb, pitch shifting, long and short delay lines and other forms of digital processing. His re-imagining of loop music comes by way of collaborations with the likes of Bernhard Wostheinrich, Ian Boddy and Robert Rich. Their works with Reuter are more about improvisation and turning sound inside out than floating textures and breathing washes of sound - as on Reuter's earlier releases. In his music, Reuter creates a truly unique dream-like mood; reminiscent of the sleeping mind as forms wander unconsciously from theme to theme in a free association of half-thoughts, lost memories and forgotten places. His compositions eventually settle into their own odd ambient area. Characterized by the reiteration of extended phrases and weighted by unpredictable shifts in timbre, Reuter's work is in some ways minimalistic. But the primary force shaping his realizations is Reuter's bold creativity and technical skill as he effectively combines the ethereal with the surreal.
Markus Reuter Markus Reuter

Markus Reuter (with Tim Motzer) played a live in-studio on-air radio concert on the 08.10.08 broadcast of STAR'S END.


On-Air Concert Photos by Jeff Towne

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