STAR'S END Significant Releases of 2001 (non-ranking) 
Compiled by Chuck van Zyl

Artist : Title (label)

A Produce : Smile on the Void (hypnos)
Rudy Adrian : Iridescence (groove)
Telomere : Zoetosis (evenfall)
Tacit Blue : Dreamland
Spyra : Elevator to Heaven (manikin)
Dean De Benedictis : A Lone Reply (fateless)
Michael Stearns : The Storm (spotted peccary)
Sola Translatio : Mother Sunrise (hypnos)
Thom Brennan : Mist
John Lakveet : Sequentiagite (vagern)
Air Sculpture : Quark Soup (neu harmony)
Pete Namlook : Silence IV (fax)
Ruben Garcia : Lakeland (close tolerance)
Dom F Scab : Binary Secrets (groove)
Brothomstates : Claro (warp)
Ovuca : Wasted Sunday (rephlex)
Boards of Canada : In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country (warp)
Hab: Mapod (dot)
Fanger + Schonwalder : Analog Overdose (manikin)
Steve Roach : Core (timeroom)
Kubusschnitt : The Singularity (neu harmony)
Cosmic Hoffman : Cosmic Shiva (heart + mind)
Mollusk : Accretions (foundry)
Robert Rich : Bestiary (release)
Robert Rich : Somnium (hypnos)
eM : All The Stars Burning Bright (foundry)
Temps Perdu? : Earth Story (arya)
Wave World : Dimensions (quantum)
Loscil : Triple Point (kranky)
Spacecraft : Cybersphere (space for music)
Hemisphere : Now (groove)
Amongst Myselves : Still Life (rmc)
Mathias Grassow : The Fragrance of Eternal Roses
James Johnson/Robert Scott Thompson : Forgotten Places (zero)
Star's of the Lid : The Tired Sounds of Star's of the Lid (kranky)
Zoviet France : The Decriminalization of Country Music (tramway)
Alio Die + Amelia Cuni : Apsaras (projekt)
Amir Baghiri : Rooms (arya)
Jim Cole + Mathias Grassow : The Hollow (arya)
Jeff Pearce : The Light Beyond (hypnos)
Windy + Carl : Consciousness (kranky)
Tim Story : Shadowplay (hearts of space)
Gary Stroutsos : Pacific Moon (paras)
Jalan Jalan : Bali Dua (pacific moon)
Stephan Micus : Desert Poem (ecm)
David Darling : Cello Blue (hearts of space)
Diane Arkenstone : The Healing Spirit (paras)
Mark Dwane : Planetary Mysteries (trondant)
Erik Wollo : Wind Journey (spotted peccary)
Richard Bone : Tales From the Incantina (indium)
Giles Reaves : The Deep End
Dweller At The Threshold : Ouroboros (hypnos/binary)
Pete Namlook : Silence V (fax)
Shuttle358 : Frame (12k)
Kit Watkins : The Gathering set 1
Jon Durant : Brief Light (alchemy)
Vidna Obmana : Sndtk For The Aquarium (hypnos)
James Johnson + Vir Unis : Perimeter (zero)
Paul Ellis : Into the Liquid Unknown (binary)
Craig Padilla : Patterns of Thought
Kit Watkins : The Gathering set 2
Alpha Wave Movement + Jim Cole : Bislama (spectral spiral)
Patrick O'Hearn : So Flows The Current
Robert Scott Thompson : Alchemy (aucourant)
Paul Vnuk Jr : Silence Speaks in Shadow (hypnos)
Steve Roach + Vir Unis : Blood Machine (green house)
Syndromeda : The Alien Abduction Phenomenon (groove)
Syndromeda : In Touch With The Stars (groove)
Radio Massacre Int'l : The God of Electricity (centaur)
Radio Massacre Int'l : Upstairs Downstairs (centaur)
SEOFON : Zero Point (foundry)
Saul Stokes : Abstraction (green house)
Vidna Obmana : Tremor (release)
Tom Heasley : Where The Earth Meets The Sky (hypnos)
Alhedion : Kosmische Spuren Eines Lebens (invisible shadows)
Tranquility : Core (invisible shadows)
Markus Reuter : Digitalis (hypnos)
Markus Reuter : The Longest In terms Of Being
Thomas Ronkin : Symmetric (tristissima)
Cyber Zen Sound Engine + Matt Borghi : The Intercepted Transmissions (n-light-n)
Mystical Sun : Mystical Sun
Silent Watcher : Installation
Vir Unis : Pulse 'n Atmo (groove)
Pete Namlook + Wolfram Spyra : Virtual Vices II (fax)
Numina : Sanctum Santorum
Kit Watkins : Rolling Curve
Kit Watkins : Music For The End
Lisa Walker : Grooved Whale (earthworm)
James Johnson+Stephen Philips : Lost at Dunn's Lake (zero)
Centrozoon : Sun Lounge Debris
Monica Robelotto : Tranzdanze (blue adagio)
Brian Eno + Peter Schwalm : Music For Reigakusya
Spacecraft : Summer Town (space for music)
Keith Hammer : Dark Ambience
Keller + Schonwalder : The Reason Why (manikin)
Keller + Schonwalder : The Reason Why Part Two (manikin)
John Rose : Cosmogenesis (space for music)
Liquid Mind : Serenity (chuck wild music)
Pat Thomi : Pyramids (blue blimp)
Rainbow Serpent : Voices of the First Day (manikin)
Labradford : Fixed::Context (kranky)
Klaus Schulze : Live at Klangart vol 2 (rainhorse)
Klaus Schulze : Live at Klangart vol 2 (rainhorse)

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