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302 acid 302 acid 302 acid
302 acid combines elements of computer technology with live instrumentation. Improvisation plays an integral role in the way they approach both composition and live performance. The result is a heavily-layered sound that draws influence from dub, ambient and IDM.
302 acid 302 acid 302 acid
302 acid is the creation of Doug Kallmeyer (samples, bass), Justin Mader (samples, projections) and Andrew Reichel (electronics), three men brought together through meetings in DC's most salubrious hangouts: tattoo parlours, night clubs, art spaces, protest rallies - and a joint love of all things electronic-punk-prog-hardcore-metal-jazz-classical. They combine live instrumentation with real-time audio and video sources to create multimedia events in a style that draws comparisons to dub, drum and bass, and IDM electronica.
302 acid 302 acid 302 acid
302 acid has been in a constant state of evolution since its inception back in 2001. They maintain a conscious effort to utilize current digital technologies while maintaining an equal balance of real-time analogue creation. The results of this endeavor are an intense live multimedia experience. In keeping with their independent roots, the trio chooses to record and mix almost all of the music themselves, mirroring the same techniques used when performing live.

On their EP Ailanthus Altissima, arrangements are stripped down to raw drum and bass grooves, accompanied and punctuated by digital found-sound bursts and ambient layers, and often mutated through real-time processing until the line between these core elements is unrecognizable. Visual information is layered into a collage which breathes and pulsates, entwined around the musical arrangements.

Even CallsIn spite of a growing schedule of live performances, 302 acid continues to work on projects which include new tunes for a series of mixes on vinyl, as well as a compilation of live video and audio from various performances for a future DVD. They have recently released the album Even Calls on the em:t label and will make their Philadelphia concert debut at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 17 September 2005. The group has also been scheduled to play live on the 18 September 2005 broadcast of STAR'S END.

302 acid 302 acid

302 acid live on the 06.19.05 brodcast of STAR'S END

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