Artist: Connect.Ohm
Album: 9980

Released: 17 October 2012
Label: Ultimae

9980 Connect.Ohm
Hidetoshi Koizumi is based in Tokyo under the name Hybrid Leisureland while Alexandre Scheffer works as Cell in Paris. Scroll Slide and Hanging Masses are their respective 2010 releases for the Ultimae Records label. 9980 (71'37") is the ensuing 2012 debut collaboration CD where Koizumi and Scheffer realize music as the duo Connect.Ohm. 9980 occupies territory within the IDM category, and happily distinguishes itself across nine tracks full of tuneful melodies, restrained rhythms and atmospheric bliss. Its curving arc shifts easily from pulsing electro-exotica to somber, lush and languid soundscapes all without losing the album's narrative thread. Unity is achieved through a network of basic ideas that permeate this album. Contrasted by tempo and depth, concurrent grooves and beats supplement each other to assume new shapes, then separate and coalesce. Amidst all the synthesized textures and timbres the luxuriant drums do not seem like much of an intrusion into this musical drama. The pace is slow without dragging. In fact 9980 seems to be gently pulling us into the future. With variety on the surface and cohesion underneath, there is more to this music than merely organizing sound. There are guiding hands behind it, hoping to give rise to thoughts, emotions and feelings within the listener. If this music is listened to in a certain way, it opens - allowing us to meet its maker.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 November 2012

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