Artist: Arjen Schat
Album: AS

Released: 1 September 2018
Label: self-released

AS Arjen Schat
Prior to spinning AS (44'29") by Arjen Schat, try to imagine that this music is not residing on your digital player, but rather that it is waiting for you in some safe celestial space. Everything sounds better under starlight, and so from out of the galaxy deep this music will seem exquisitely formed. A heroic explorer, Schat's reach is long. Representing either urges in the brain, or a sense of moving through an interstellar expanse, AS is loaded with pulsing synthesizers migrating in synchronized, echoing patterns. Along currents of dancing notes, each sequencer line reinforces the next - while full-throated lead lines rise like a strange hollow singing in our hearts. Designed to propel the listener endlessly through a trackless void, this album seems to confidently create its own space as it flies - however searching, tremulous and immeasurable this fascinating sonic realm may be. Carrying the light and line together we can almost feel the heat coming off of Scaht's instruments. Yet, in this wonderful journey of four tracks, he manages to take us where his machines alone cannot. Who is it that knows how to navigate through the storm? That would be the person who has caused the storm. Being on your own, one can go deeper - and in his music Schat takes full advantage of this freedom. The sheer artistry displayed throughout AS is so expertly accomplished that we listeners cannot help but be seduced. It is remarkable how many fresh reserves of musical energy Schat teases out of such a well-established genre. Energy sparked by creativity is full of potential, and AS confirms that Spacemusic thrives when it provides an alternative to the doldrums of that which is common. This music is free to witness its own history, but has it lived up to the ideals that framed its founding? Possibly. If Schat can do everything right, control the chaos of electricity, move sound in the proper direction and place, he just might make something perfect.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 October 2018

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