Artist: Harold Budd & Clive Wright
Album: A Song For Lost Blossoms

Released: 7 October 2008
Label: Darla

A Song For Lost Blossoms
Alongside Harold Budd's profound solo works lie numerous collaborative CDs. Experiencing a casual intimacy with a range of luminaries Budd explores atmosphere, texture, color and mood. A Song For Lost Blossoms (74'51") features Budd on piano and other keyboards and guitarist Clive Wright. This collection of seven tracks from studio and live sessions show this duo engaging intuition to its fullest. While the current of Budd's muted synthesizer tones rush beneath Wright's ethereal e-bow guitar leads, time slips behind a curtain and a feeling of ephemerality engulfs this album. Reverberant piano chords open up space within which a languid guitar solo softly strums. Theirs is an (echo) Chamber Music, inspired by classical ensembles, in recital from the digital salon - and the listener will hang on every note they play. Along with all the well-behaved ambient music is the title track, a lovely poem written and recited by Anna LaCazio (with Budd and Wright providing the musicbed). Sensing depth beneath the calm, A Song For Lost Blossoms plays on while the world falls asleep. Even after all these years, Budd still finds new places to go with his music.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 October 2008

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