Artist: Ideation
Album: Adrift

Released: March 2009
Label: Ricochet Dream

Adrift Ideation
The parallel narratives of synthesists Paul Nagle and Peter Ruczynski converge under the name Ideation. This duo brings to their CD project Adrift (58'16") the knowledge and background of two seasoned electronic musicians enlivened by the innovation and enthusiasm of a fresh collaboration. The movement of the seven tracks is always towards affirmation as the music skips, drifts and rolls ever upward - searching for a future. The patter of sequencer synchronized tones run in near endless variations beneath sustaining pads, breathy melodies and chirping effects. The sense is that of being on a pleasant jaunt through deep space - a journey with no particular destination. The last three tracks play out in a wonderful suite of sequencer art. By layering the lines of rhythm, alternating the brightness of the timbres and pacing the introduction of atmospheric harmonies and ethereal lead lines in interesting ways, Nagle and Ruczynski create a propulsive work that chugs through the ether in a loose and carefree manner.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 April 2009

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