Artist: Vir Unis
Album: Aeonian Glow

Label: Green House

Aeonian Glow   Vir Unis
One meaning of Aeonian Glow would be eternal luminescense. It is also the title of the second full-length release by synthesist Vir Unis. Aeonian Glow is an engaging drift through many degrees of dense textures and deep atmospheres. This album deals with gradual transformation. The listener gently passes between states of equilibrium on a tide of electronic drones and harmonic invention. Each track is a stage in a sweeping sonic account of forever's incandescense. Vir Unis crafts beautifully the flow between states. High production values and close attention to the substance of sound results in a sensory suggestion of the artist's condition in the advancing flow of time and space. Lulling and ambient, yet possessing enough depth and intricacy to elicit rich imagery, the sonorous narrative of Aeonian Glow will enrich the inviting listener.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 December 2000