Artist: Fhloston Paradigm
Album: After...

Released: 16 June 2017
Label: kingbrittarchives

After... King Britt
Notify the STAR'S END universe, a new star is here. Renowned Philadelphian and internationally acclaimed Producer/DJ/Musician King Britt presents After... (57'07"), the current output by his Fhloston Paradigm music project. To intrepid travelers along the deep and dark spaceways, this album shows an edge-to-edge magic - as these ten sonic encounters will put a hum in your ear drum. With a gentle precision the music on After... generates reassuring atmospheres of electrical synthesizer tones and digital textures - all rolling out beneath a cast of beautiful women's wordless voices. Each guest vocalist brings a distinctive expression, perspective and talent. From a pervasive sense of calm to a most potent magic, as we journey through After... we may feel the strong tug of some unseen charm - and wonder what strange, wonderful spell has been cast? Progressing through these wondrous thought-zones, we find ourselves on an excursion where every track is a mind trip. Some notes are so deep your DNA will vibrate, while further in they are as light as cosmic cotton candy. We can tell from the somatic positioning of each piece, that Britt owns every sound, on every layer - including the absence of drums. By leaving out this most conventional feature, After... provides a thoroughly new and innovative vibe - somewhere between the countenance of the female spirit, the voicings of the ethereal, and the human encounter with the world. After... confirms that blending technology and music at this level can produce touching works, music as intimate as our own blood cells, with the structure and strength of just discovered alloys. Writing music for other people is just nuts and bolts. After... was made for all of creation. Wrapped in the luminous glow of human consciousness, it is full of electronic poetry - as, with its focus on the electro-sonic, it contemplates new narratives of existence. King Britt is now setting the beat for the thinking and feeling set. He proves himself to be a true thinker, amidst gearheads who tinker - in acts that prove, if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   27 July 2017

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