Artist: Bob Holroyd
Album: Afterglow

Released: 1 November 2011
Label: self-released

Afterglow Bob Holroyd
With Bob Holroyd it is easy to see the musician behind the music. His involvement in such an impressive range of projects leads one to conclude that he is a man of many interests and talents - playing music out of his own life. His seventh studio album is Afterglow (45'00"), an elegantly melancholic CD from the temple of stilled thoughts. A sort of third stream music, influenced equally by classical and ambient, the 12 tracks on Afterglow are a constantly shifting interplay between piano, cello, trumpet and guitar - with Holroyd's atmospheric treatments hovering intelligently over each. Throughout this work the music is understated, yet possesses an ethereal sense of certainty. From grown-up lullabies and electronic elegies to minimalistic classicism and space age drift Afterglow is a succession of small moments, the tiny details connected in precise order. Listening to it is a beautiful experience. This kind of music makes the world vibrate in ever so slightly closer harmony.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 September 2011

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