Artist: Solar Fields
Album: Altered

Released: 26 July 2010
Label: Ultimae

Altered Solar Fields
Solar Fields is known throughout the music community as an adventurer within the Electronica genre - although his music does sometimes find its way back to a contemplative space. The CD Altered (79'11") explores moods and an atmosphere more familiar to Ambient Music. A work without overt dramatic climaxes, this album is all about the journey - and a slow one it is. Each of the 11 tracks contributes a fascinating attribute to the whole. With sections retaining the kinetic energy of a river or a sweeping digital landscape leading on to bright spacemusic anthems Altered pulses with a unique energy, all blending into one moment. With its alien sounds, warm drones, breathy samples, glowing timbres and layers of bubbling electronics this music is not about pairing notes, but all about pairing sounds. From stark simplicity to a lush synthetic sonority, Altered seems like music from one person to another, but meaningful to all.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 September 2010

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