Artist: Gregory Taylor
Album: Amalgam: Aluminum/Hydrogen

Released: 7 May 2007
Label: Palace of Lights

Amalgam: Aluminum/Hydrogen
Through improvisation Gregory Taylor finds patterns, moods and native flavors in his electronic realizations. By varying the speed and timbre of the cycling percussive tones that flow throughout his CD Amalgam: Aluminum/Hydrogen (43'43"), Taylor exposes the audience to everything from gamelan-like chimes and churning laboratory patterns down to searching arpeggios and random lumpy rhythms. His probing leads to a deserted digital plane across which cyber winds howl and synthetic sound is reduced to the molecular level. Following this sonic exploration all the way down to the level of subterranean drones and Geiger counter clicks, the piece unwinds into a slow motion of breathing coarse metallic sighs, and ultimately this work's dissolution. Machine music can sound organic. Gregory Taylor's expressionistic sonic minimalism is powered by this over-arching concept, and built in the spontaneity of the moment.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   September 2007

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