Artist: K Markov
Album: Ancient Light

Released: 23 December 2020
Label: self-released

Ancient Light
In an outward expression of his inner journey the Croatian Electronic Musician K Markov offers us Ancient Light (67'45"). An album featuring five galaxy strength synthesizer fantasies it probes a sprawling expanse of tone and texture. At times brooding and forlorn, or experimental and primitive, along the compositional arc of each track the atmosphere does become lighter and brighter - with winks and blinks of rays and beams amidst consonant keys in gorgeous synthetic sound. Brimming with star shine and spark Ancient Light remains at all times a captivating listen. While its glitter and glimmer dizzily distract, calm sequencer notes trek from the gathering shadows, rising and recurring steadily - leaving in their wake a slipstream of echoing blips. Perfectly placed within this gentle surge reverb laden lead lines gracefully play with space. When the churning winds down the spacey fields scale up. As a mass of roiling drones absorbs and stills the pattern energy we feel the tender complexity of the inner realm... by way of outer space. Spanning planets and suns, lunar landscapes and empty spaces, Ancient Light is another one of Markov's attempts at interpreting cosmic beauty - and reveals an artist in ascendancy. This sort of music provides a kind of emotional charge, rather than a mere place of hiding, and hopes to transform the listener from the inside out. This kind of thinking is where we come closest to realizing the bold possibilities of Spacemusic - where we see beyond the scope of our present selves, to an assured time yet to come.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   31 December 2020

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