Artist: Kelly David
Album: Angkor

Released: April 2006
Label: Rocky Mountain

Throughout its history the mode of Spacemusic has been used by musicians attempting to transmit cosmological concepts or supernatural mysteries to the listener, or perhaps simply to transform these ideas into something as tangible as music. On Angkor (63'22"), Kelly David expresses deep spiritual feelings about the universe, by way of an earthly place. A visit to this power spot has over the years gained some significance in his human makeup. The entanglement of time, culture, religion, the terrible beauty and the hidden world David is trying to transcend are all represented on Angkor. The album provides a sense of place and atmosphere unlike the more common misty mountains, fragranced air and terraced fields found in New Age music. This work is alternately dark and intense, dense and impenetrable, gentle and delicate - as a means to convey the enigmatic yet simple essence of this world apart. David's meticulously programmed soundscapes provide a wonderful envelope meant to blessedly float upon, and later contemplatively cower beneath. Angkor does not hang together in any sort of traditional narrative, but the listener need not know the intimate meaning behind every strange sound or jump cut that inhabit this work - rather we sense David's personal portrayal of this land, its people and their ways, as well as that which is underneath the surface of this reality.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 June 2006

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