Artist: Anomalous Disturbances
Album: Archive Two

Released: September 2009
Label: Disappearing Music

Archive Two Anomalous Disturbances
Listening to the works of Anomalous Disturbances it is nearly impossible to hear Terrence O'Brien's guitar in them. His drifting soundscapes originate with a guitar, but then become realized through digital processing, looping and the infinite sustain of e-bow. The double CD Archive Two compiles a range of pieces from various projects and experiments. The 12 tracks each create a delicate atmosphere of subtle gradations and variations of tone and timbre. From cold beauty to a warm quieting of the mind, these compositions ask the listener to lose themselves inside the music. Rising gradually out of silence shimmering chords gently breathe above a rushing sound stream. On another track a metallic wind blows across a desolate panorama in a slow motion tone painting while further in layers of reiterating melodies and tones conjure up a peaceful nocturne. With its electrified adagios, ethereal choirs and slow storms of texture, Archive Two exposes the listener to many moods and musical zones that seem like an eternal temporality of sound. Music is a communicative art - something that travels from the mind of the artist to the mind to the listener. It is also a form of experimentation out of which the musician may forge their own unique aesthetic. While the fingerprints of Jeff Pearce, Steve Roach and Robert Fripp may be found on this material, this music belongs to Anomalous Disturbances. With the mysteries of this process far from exhausted, O'Brien has a lifetime of innovation ahead of him.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 February 2010

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