Artist: Arc
Album: Arcturus

Released: 25 April 2005
Label: DiN

Arcturus Arc
On Arcturus (61'05"), the live album from Arc, the duo of Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve sounds a bit more like Shreeve's side project Redshift in that the pieces are arranged a bit looser and explore themes a bit longer than on previous Arc albums. "Part One" (21'09") and Part Two" (24'11") transpire in classic Spacemusic fashion. Out of the all-humbling darkness rises mechanistic reiterating sequencer riffs intertwined with strident, propulsive rhythms. The patterns mix, shift and divide like a twisting double helix of echoing electronic tones. Engaging synth melodies saturate each piece; their timbre a complicated layering of familiar elements fashioned into an artificial yet somehow recognizable sound. These performances eventually progress through their brawny phase to gently turn ethereal and otherworldly. Along with being shorter, the third track "Helicon" (15'47") is also an even further departure from the known Arc repertoire. Here the throbbing space bass pulse of the previous pieces has been replaced by a more hypnotic, modern and minimalistic sound. Shreeve and Boddy hit on all the major aspects of this genre, their melodies are human, rhythms machine-like, harmonies ethereal and the range of timbres they create to voice their music original and extraordinary. Arc filters the past into a vital contemporary landscape without sinking to cliche. Their music is a sincere exploration of the mood and mystery of the Spacemusic genre.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 May 2005

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