Arvo Pärt/Angelé Dubeau & La Pieté
Arvo Pärt: Portrait

Released: 2 March 2010
Label: Analekta

Arvo Part: Portrait Angele Dubeau & La Pieta
It seems impossible to focus fully on violinist Angelé Dubeau and her ensemble La Pieté when the subject of this CD's collection is so present in his work. Arvo Pärt: Portrait (62'03") is a dramatic representation of the composer. On this album Dubeau includes some of Pärt's most recognizable and contemplative ensemble pieces - providing a voyage into the very heart of his work. The playing of such sweet and slow string music must leave a lingering impression on a virtuoso - perhaps more accustomed to reaching a level of technical achievement than a mindful contemplative space. Pärt is known as a creator of unique expressive power and the movement of this music is always towards affirment. Utilizing dynamic range variations these pieces expand, culminate then decay - creating a deep spatial dimension and psychological impact. With surfaces so engaging the listener does not have to understand what is underneath to appreciate these works. Dubeau transforms this so-called "holy minimalism" into mind engaging art, imbuing the compositions with deeply felt expression - at times restrained and at others passionate, but always performed as if in intimate contact with her listeners. Strong music usually puts us in a space where we forget about ourselves. But listening to the aural beauty of the strings and their lilting melodies, consonant harmonies, and the somber sense of each piece, it is hard not to imagine Pärt's music aligning with the moral axis of the universe - enlarging our understanding of human beings and of what we are capable.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 May 2010

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