Artist: Erik Seifert
Album: Astronomical Unit

Released: 26 January 2008
Label: Spheric Music

Astronomical Unit Erik Seifert
On Astronomical Unit (55'50"), synthesist Erik Seifert creates a sonic approximation of what it might be like to travel through the cosmos. His electronic textures pulse with energy as the music ramps up then winds down in dramatic cycles. Inspired by early Jean-Michel Jarre, Seifert transforms his musical influences. His intense exploration is heard in the expressive full-throated lead melodies, phasing tone clusters, rising sequencer runs and percussive electronic riffs that characterize the music on this disc. Between these bold statements are passages of delicate electronic textures. Creating an area of spaciousness in which the listener gently drifts, Seifert readies his next musical trajectory. This intricately designed work aspires to be more than merely music lost in space, it echoes Seifert's passion for electronic sound and his reverence for the beauty and mystery of the universe.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 October 2008

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