Artist: Amongst Myselves
Album: Auburn Silhouette

Released: 20 April 2007
Label: self-released

Auburn Silhouette
For Steve Roberts, encounters with the environment are miraculous and reverential experiences. That is how it comes across in his music. Working under the name Amongst Myselves Roberts has produced an impressive body of work, not in a single style but more as an encompassing vision seeking to bring creation back into modern life. Centered on the infinitely faceted theme of nature, his CD Auburn Silhouette (62'00") presents nine tracks with a clear source. Roberts covers a wide sonic territory. From luminescent beauty to anonymous landscapes, this episodic album offers edge to edge motion. Throughout Auburn Silhouette churning synth drones lighten then darken against rumbling field recordings as delicate electronic whispers stir soft chimes. While guitar effects echo distantly beneath string pads and bubbling modulations, a building dissonance remotely threatens. But this music is more than the sum of its sounds. It offers relief from the misperception that all electronic music is emotionally cold. Roberts' soundscapes communicate his sensibility and passion as well as more conventional works and established methods.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 April 2007

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