Artist: Between Interval
Album: Autumn Continent

Released: 8 August 2006
Label: Wanderings/Spotted Peccary

Autumn Continent
Music by Between Interval (aka Stefan Jonsson) should be taken along with a cup of midnight. His CD Autumn Continent (72'59") soaks up the darkest beams of moonlight and moves the listener away from daylight thinking, towards something stranger - something more unknown. The musical outline of this work takes on hues of grey and purple as dense drones and thick pads sustain the long line. Separated by vast openings of rumbling and writhing synthesizer tones are three intriguing sequencer pieces. Rising out of the fog enshrouded negative space, the deceptively simple cycling patterns are quite elegant and suggest mysterious noir themes. Comprised of electronic rhythms, tuned crystal, Rhodes piano and hammered dulcimer, these pieces subtly combine unlikely elements to conjure up an unidentifiable foreign ambience - a place where we feel no shadows. Autumn Continent opens itself to the night. It creates a space for reverie and a time to think about what you are feeling and to feel what you are thinking.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   19 October 2006

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