Artist: Ian Boddy
Album: Axiom

Released: 20 November 2020
Label: DiN

Axiom Ian Boddy
With his Axiom (41'06"), UK synthesist Ian Boddy travels a different stylistic lane than he has of late. His first studio work in four years comes after a string of live releases, and this gestation period has yielded a heartfelt work. Its six precisely noted musical interludes of beautifully ordered compositions range in scale from quietly minute to larger than life. Throughout we follow Boddy's outward gaze, endlessly craving the next horizon, expressing himself through a reverential engagement with synthesizer technology, and the application of craft. Blending electronic beats and grooves with the softened textures of Spacemusic, he realizes a glossy, upbeat feel. A striking agility allows Boddy to shape his elaborate synth anthems from the passions of a mind rushing full-tilt into the future. Emitting pure tones, then raw noise, baritone sonic shades compliment chrome plated timbres of dreamy abstracted landscapes. Throughout Axiom these stylized ambient vistas quickly submit to the geometric patterning of echoing sequencer notes and the subtle synchronization of electronic drumming - the point of each statement commended with a heated, tight concentration. While loaded with bulbous bass lines and flickering effects it is Axiom's engaging, lyrical melodies which most shape the swirl of material. Each inventive work glides, pivots and plunges, and pursues the action to a far-reaching resolution. For the penultimate track the tenor turns solemn - in a quiet reserve of feeling and poetic directness. It is in thought zones such as this one that the entangled destiny of man and machine may be most easily felt. There is serious intent behind Axiom. Rousing and artfully constructed it propels itself forward with a future-facing excitement. A hallmark of Boddy's style, this album is gorgeous to behold. With bright textures and a delicate spectrum of tones its revelation of urgency leads the listener into labyrinths of sound - giving us the exhilaration of discovering new realms from the intimacy of our own safe listening space... and some respite from the howling furies of the world outside.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 November 2020

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