Artist: Jim Ottaway
Album: Beyond the Purple Sun

Label: self-released
Released: 10 April 2019

Beyond the Purple Sun Jim Ottaway
Because Jim Ottaway has spent so much time in an imaginary realm, we wonder how he is able to navigate through the real one? He operates in the large format of Spacemusic, so as to evoke expansive, epic ideas and subjects - time, history, the body, and existential concerns of the self. The CD Beyond the Purple Sun (57'14") features seven tracks of beautifully drifting and transporting music - both restful to the intellect and comforting to the spirit. Harmonious and soft, each work is a singular flowing thought asking us to tune into the quieter frequencies. But being meditative does not mean Beyond the Purple Sun has to be vague. Its permeating atmosphere of stillness also conveys a unique ambiance of limitless emptiness. Yet it also conjures a few realizations from negative space and the idea of nothingness - as a reminder of the beginning of everything. These unpeopled spaces push the listener further toward the center of this aural universe. Twilight swaths of color hover just beneath a misty aura surrounding long electronic notes. Tones vibrate, arise and recede, but do not travel along a linear plane. As synth voices blur one into the other, forming sonic colors of striking beauty, Beyond the Purple Sun leads your thoughts to stillness and reverie. In overcoming the limitations of contemporary music, Ottaway tries his dreamy ideas. He has found that talking to dreams, and in this field one's dreams may become real, is better than chasing them - and so we find that the force of his realizations comes from the truths we already know.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   18 April 2019

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