Artist: Keith Kenniff
Album: Branches

Released: March 2012
Label: Village Green

Branches Keith Kenniff
Rather than picking just one style and exploring it, on his wonderful 15 track EP Branches (36'10") Keith Kenniff blends elements of minimalism, classical and film scoring. With this collection Kenniff, the musical mind behind Helios, Goldmund and Mint Julep, has produced a most remarkable recording in the midst of a varied and active career. A catchy song can cast a long shadow and the perky infectious precision of Kenniff's work may presently be heard everywhere from the soundscapes of STAR'S END to the music beds of network television commercials. With nods to minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass, chamber ambienteer Max Richter, soundtrack composer Thomas Newman and post-rocker Jónsi Kenniff realizes music with a familiarity and adventure that is easy on the ears. Chiming piano notes modulate between somber minor key runs and grand major chords - and are given a lovely delicacy from the accompanying string ensemble. Marimba, xylophone and shaker sounds play in shifting and echoing patterns with keyboard and bass tones dramatically pulling the compositions forward. Branches references ideas from some of the greats, yet with its sweet vague narrative moves from one song to the next without ever losing its sense of direction. A focused, colorful and expressive work Branches reveals a musical depth refined by experience - and calming to the modern information-overloaded mind.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 March 2012

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