Artists: Ian Boddy/Chris Carter
Album: Caged

Label: DiN

Caged Ian Boddy
Ian Boddy, noted synthesist and mid-life Chill/Ambient convert, along with Chris Carter, formerly of the genre founding Throbbing Gristle, combine their dark forces to create an album celebrating the lower levels of consciousness experienced in The Dead of Night. Along with creating atmospheres best kept for the Soul's Midnight, Boddy and Carter also demonstrate their ability at synthesis and the manipulation of sound and rhythm. For all its edgey textures and dynamic pacing, what impresses most about Caged is the shear originality of the sounds this duo creates. The overall sound is Modern, but the two share many years of experience at music and sound creation and have realized an album that rises above current trends.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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