Artist: Chronotope Project
Album: Chrysalis

Released: 5 November 2012
Label: Relaxed Machinery

Chrysalis Jeffrey Ericson Allen
Chronotope Project, the musical persona of Jeffrey Ericson Allen, produces an electronic music realized without turning off the conscious mind. His CD Chrysalis (72'12") presents five intriguing and renewing thought experiments - mental adventures on a darkling plain. The sounds themselves have but a small force of their own. Yet through Ericson Allen's arrangement, pacing and appealing sonic dynamics he convincingly re-conjures the singularly gorgeous auditory realm first heard on albums such as Light From Orion, The Stargazer's Journey and The Way Home. A deconstruction and deceleration of classic sequencer Spacemusic albums, Chrysalis offers lush detailing, the stability of consonance and a pleasant musical arc. The composer is in possession of a diverse musical background, which is kept in reserve - placing the more delicate ideas of texture and atmosphere over technique and virtuosity. When Ericson Allen occasionally connects with a melody, it is in a profound way. Whether sliding from one rounded note to the next, or beautifully converting a spare evenly paced melodic line into dramatically shifting chords, the listener is constantly being invited inside the piece. Other galaxy expanding works on Chrysalis pull our attention across a digital twilight realm defined by echoing chimes, slow slurring solos and a syncopated synthesizer pulse. Each chord change alters the direction, color and mood, and by album's end we feel a great resolution has been reached - leaving us with much to dream about.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 February 2013

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