Artist: Rudy Adrian
Album: Coastlines

Released: 7 October 2016
Label: Spotted Peccary

Coastlines Rudy Adrian
Rudy Adrian makes Spacemusic for The Earth. With Coastlines (57'55) he evokes the heart-felt and gentle atmosphere of terrestrial textural fantasy. This album means to move the listener out of everyday life, with all of its dissonance and discord, and into a bewitching thought zone of telluric beauty. The ten silvery tracks on Coastlines are quieting to the mind - each an electronic expression of our beloved blue planet, and the connection we as humans feel toward the natural world. Envisioning a consonant and inviting nature, Rudy Adrian employs a number of musical methods in depicting and conveying his convictions; including breathy native flute, oceanic field recordings, ringing keyboard melodies, rounded synthesizer tones, and his own vocals, all proceeding slowly through cavernous reverberation. The grandeur of Coastlines' sonorous harmonies is earthened by imaginative electronic modulations - just beneath a misty aura which surrounds the sounds. Each work, a singular flowing thought, asks us to tune into the quieter frequencies. But being meditative does not mean Coastlines has to be vague. The peculiar pull of its hidden depths seems to draw equally on a current of thunder underground - while twilight swaths of color hover above, blending to mask the armed sparks of the air. With its easy cosmic intimations, Coastlines guides your psyche to stillness through the reveries of stasis. The result is beautifully drifting and transporting music, restful to the intellect and comforting to the spirit. Rudy Adrian has been at this for a long time. He continues sharing his music because it soothes him, and he hopes to bring people along with him to this special space.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   19 August 2010

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