Artist: Redshift
Album: Colder

Released: June 2011
Label: Distant Sun

Redshift Colder
The strong ideas that emerged from the 1970s age of spacemusic encourages the imagination, of both musicians and listeners, to roam. The live CD Colder (61'49") by Redshift is an excellent example of this notion. For many years Mark Shreeve has been at the helm of this ensemble, and across the course of their existence has developed a signature exploratory style. By blending the primitive machine beauty of Phaedra with Shreeve's more muscular solo work each release is the consequence of persistent creativity. With Colder Redshift has melded the intimate with the epic. Fans will find the results of this release riveting. Its tone veers from synthesized and atmospheric, to the reckless energized pulse of tumbling sequencer patterns, on down to a somber interiority - moving between the three in an impressive aural narrative. With plenty of cool modulated effects, ethereal Mellotron begot harmonies and melodies, and interlinked shifting arpeggios coming at us like a beast in the dark, Colder may be best experienced by letting it wash over us and to simply revel in its sounds themselves. Shreeve, and his co-performers, have always dealt in sounds that exert their own freedom. With a strong core idea along with strong execution Colder offers vast sonic riches. Captivated by the enthusiasm of this mad minimalism the audience feels Redshift causing the world to vibrate.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 August 2011

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