Artist: Fourth Dimension
Album: The Core

Released: 4 October 2016
Label: Synphaera

The Core Strahinja Maletica
At the beginning of this sonic emanation, a sound breathes in open space. Aural details come in and out of focus. Shape and texture coalesce in measured coolness. Vividly imagined, The Core (55'19") avoids bombastic beats to support complex electronic textures and articulate grooves - and may even invite a few from the mainstream in for a warm chill. When falling on eager ears, the efforts of Fourth Dimension aligns the mind with higher thoughts. Maximum attention to this music brings glad understanding. The Core is a work of weightless flight by Strahinja Maletica, who (throughout eight tracks) manages to keep the listener's intellect searching his subject matter. Luxuriously sweeping pads, full-throated melodic strokes and modulation-laden effects issue through this album - on the genius of subtlety. As three musical lines move in the same direction, rhythms discharge within vaporous reverb and twilight ambience. With soft percussives advancing our thoughts, pulsing patterns, and low-end throbs roll out beneath glimmering synthesizer tones - issuing an air of mystery into The Core's nocturnal realm. Technique never keeps us outside the narrative of its dreamy and steamy zones. We are the targets of this work, and our minds are requested to participate. The Core is a finely wrought album of subtle satisfactions. Fourth Dimension is capable of transmitting a substantial amount of expressive, arcane, and even philosophical information to us, provided that our antennas are up and receptive.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   19 January 2017

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